52’ | EN/FR | HD | 2022


This is the story of a missing woman. Of a possible crime.

It is the story of a couple in agony, of a man who is the object of all suspicions, and of a truth that is slow to emerge.

It is a human drama as banal as it is unique. It could have been just another news story, but the Jubillar mystery is beyond anything else. Few journalists are as familiar with the inner workings of the Jubillar case as Ronan Folgoas. As a senior reporter for the Police- Justice department of the newspaper Le Parisien, he conducted a very thorough field investigation for more than a year, backed up by unpublished court documents and dozens of exclusive testimonies. He is the only journalist to have rubbed shoulders with the main protagonists of the case, starting with Cedric Jubillar himself, and Delphine’s lover, the man with whom she wanted to rebuild her life.

Directors: Gregory Héraud and Xavier Beneroso
Producers: TV Presse – StudioFact Media Group

STUDIOFACT RIGHTS is the distribution arm of Studiofact Media Group, the first French audiovisual group to produce original content exclusively from true stories in documentary, fiction, podcast, publishing and live performance. Studiofact Rights distributes in France as on the international market all the group’s productions as well as external productions, all genres included. We support producers from development to completion of projects: seeking pre-financing (co-production, pre-purchases, etc.), editorial positioning to best adapt to the expectations of the international market, and assistance with marketing and communication strategies. Once the films are finished, we promote them on festivals, and over all types of media, – both linear and non-linear -.


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