Food: poison in our plates?

90’| FR | HD | 2017 Over the past 50 years, food has become more diverse and health campaigns are always urging us to eat more healthily. With purchasing power at half mast, the French are looking for affordable food products. To produce industrial quantities of fruit, fish and meat at reduced prices, industrialists and […]

Folklore and traditions: into the heart of weddings

90’| EN/FR | HD | 2017 This documentary follows the journey of an engaged couple and their families as they prepare for their wedding ceremony and do their best to honor the rites and customs of their community. Producer: TV Presse – Studiofact Media Group

My life at boarding school

90’| FR | HD | 2017 Each year, more than 250,000 children attend boarding schools.Who are these children, and what is their daily life like?Are they in boarding school to succeed or to find freedom? Producer: TV Presse – Studiofact Media Group

Singles: The business of love

90’| FR | HD | 2017 France has 18 million singles.This number is a blessing for the “heart merchants” who compete to create new ways to help people meet and fall in love. Producer: TV Presse – Studiofact Media Group

Summer police in Cap d’Agde

2×90’| FR | HD | 2018 Cap d’Agde, the largest seaside resort in Europe, is best known for its naturist village. it is a safe place, but sometimes it is a victim of bad behavior. muggings, robberies, indecent exposure, dangerous driving, illegal beach vendors, nightclub brawls… 59 highly trained and armed city police officers work […]

The guardian angels of the French Riviera

8X90′ | 2019 |EN/FR | HD On the French Riviera, firefighters, emergency services and police are present on all fronts to ensure the safety of tourists who visit the French Riviera every year. We follow the firemen of Cagnes-sur-Mer, the gendarmerie of Hyères and the emergency service of the hospital of Fréjus which come daily […]